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Duo Aina

Formed in London in 2021, Duo Aina is dedicated to exploring the rich intricacies of the viola and piano repertoire while bringing their distinctive artistic personality to their performances and programming choices. They are committed to feature established masterworks along with contemporary and lesser known pieces from their home countries. Award winners in their own right, Ana and Varinia met as graduate students at the Guildhall School and the Royal Academy of Music respectively.


Platform Music

Winners of the Royal Philharmonic Society Enterprise Award 2021, Platform Music is comprised of celebrated musicians hailing from different corners of the world. Their passion to bring contemporary music and their own take on traditional Folk Music and improvisation has led them to perform around the UK both on stage and in non traditional spaces. Past projects include a collaboration with Virgin Trains to perform on platforms in Northern England receiving extensive coverage in local press as well as concerts throughout the UK.


Duo Oyola-Rebaza

Formed by two sister, cellist Zoraida and violist Varinia, the Oyola Rebaza duo's mission is to expand on the existing viola and cello duo repertoire with original arrangements from classical and Peruvian music.
Zoraida and Varinia have been playing together for many years and perform extensively in Peru and in the United States.